What is a Short Sale
A short sale is a way to avoid foreclosure.
It is NOT a 'get out of my mortgage free card'.
A homeowner considering a short sale, must have a valid financial hardship
for why they can't pay their mortgage.
A homeowner considering a short sale, must not be able to PAY DOWN the mortgage.
A short sale has financial consequences, and all homeowners considering a short sale should speak to their accountants.
Document checklist for Homeowners wanting to complete a short sale:
     1. Hardship Letter
     2. Last 2 bank statements, checking, savings, business - ALL PAGES
     3. Last 2 paycheck stubs for all borrowers
     4. Last 2 tax returns with all schedules.
     5. Last 2 statements for any other accounts including IRAs, brokerage, etc.
     6. Fiancial Worksheet.
Time is of the essences, especially if the homeowner is in default and needs to stall or delay the foreclosure process.
There are no upfront fees, we only get paid a commisssion, if we are able to successfully sell your home.